Cannon Says I am “Harsh, Boorish”

I have been giving Chris Cannon the benefit of the doubt these past few months. I wasn’t willing to vote for him, but I was willing to give him the respect that should be given honorable people.

However, that respect is all over. No more.

I can’t believe it, but Chris Cannon has called me and those who joined me into voting for Jason Chaffetz “harsh” and “boorish.” Maybe the fact that I didn’t know what boorish meant is a sign that I am. But it is just plain rude to refer to people as such.

The sense that I am getting is that Republican leader ship is disconnected from it’s voters. Cannon’s comments are only a part of it. Apparently, as the article suggests. Bennett and Hatch are disconnected too. Oh, but that was a given.

However, LaVarr Webb agrees stating that these are only localized issues. If they are so localized how come President Bush has one of the lowest ratings in history, and why isn’t Cannon the first incumbent this year to lose his seat.

It’s time for the Republican Party to wake up. They need to realize that it isn’t just the far right wing of the party that is tired of their antics. It is the average citizen that wants to get back to the truly conservative values.

Before I close this, I have a couple of other thoughts. First, what is this that Chris Cannon is saying about not knowing who Jason Chaffetz is? If that is true, then no wonder he lost the race. How can you run a campaign against someone and not do your research? That is either an out-right lie, or Cannon is a complete idiot.

Finally, is it me, or does Chris Cannon sound like he is supporting the Democrat candidate? Maybe he is trying to imply that a vote for Chaffetz made it easier for a Democrat to win (which is true). But it doesn’t guarantee them a win.

I thought that Cannon had class. But it is obvious, that if he did, he lost it when he lost the race in the primary.

3 Responses to “Cannon Says I am “Harsh, Boorish””

  1. Holly Says:

    Yup – I’m harsh and boorish too – and extreme to boot. Ah, the angst of thinking for myself. . . Cannon has shown himself to be even more arrogant, out-of-touch and a sore loser than I already thought. Heaven forbid who should try to run for something back here in UT.

  2. Matt Madden Says:

    I think it showed that Mr. Cannon was out of touch. Too many in Washington are, which is why I’d love to hit the reset button on the whole lot. His comment wasn’t unique or out of context, and Orrin Hatch said essentially the same thing (we’d be stupid to vote out an incumbent). Such contempt for the voters is sad.

    I think eventually the Cannon crowd will come around. It will take a while to get over it, I know had things gone the other way I would have been hard pressed to come around for Chris (50-50 I’d vote for the 3rd party candidate).

  3. The Lady Logician Says:

    If it helps, I can tell you that some Minnesota politicians (I just moved here to Utah from MN) are just as bad. They firmly believe that they are more deserving than we are and thus are “entitled” to their seats. It is a nationwide trend on the state AND national levels…


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