Huntsman Endorses Chaffetz

For those who showed up looking for another one of my wonderful dutch oven recipes, let me extend my apologies. This endorsement got in the way. However, I promise you that it will be up tomorrow (even if George W. Bush endorses Chaffetz).

Yesterday the Salt Lake Tribune, and this morning the Deseret News reported that Utah’s Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. has officially endorsed Jason Chaffetz to represent Utah on Capitol Hill. The Salt Lake Tribune also mentioned that Senator’s Hatch and Bennett with be hosting a fundraiser in Washington, D.C.

While the Democrats are trying to turn this into a “Cannon”-ization of Chaffetz, by claiming the their endorsements and support are signs that Chafftez is a member of the Good-old-boys club in the GOP. However, they are simply wrong.

Some are arguing that this is just a sign of how desperate the Republicans are to win in November. They think that they are just supporting Chaffetz to keep the party intact. This is only partly true.

Aren’t there Democratic Candidates that the Party endorses even though they don’t agree with them one-hundred percent. Hillary Clinton has even endorsed Barack Obama. Two people in the DNC who seemed to be at odds have come together. This is nothing new. There is nothing “desperate” about the endorsements and support for GOP leaders for Chaffetz. And Utah Democrats are the pining to win this election. They don’t have much of a chance, but it is fun to see them fighting.

Further, Chaffetz has not been “Cannon”-ized as some have implied. First, Let me explain what I mean by Cannon-ized. Chaffetz opponents says in the Salt Lake Tribune article that “He’s already changed. He’s already become just like them.” He is saying that a vote for Chaffetz is a vote for Chris Cannon. That is crazy. If you know Chaffetz, if you have met him, if you have worked with him. You know that Chaffetz is his own man.

If you need further proof of that, then need I remind you as does the Salt Like Tribune, that Chaffetz had the guts to tell the Governor that he was duped. If that isn’t enough, he did it in public. People try to mock him for this. However, it speaks to something bigger. It speaks to one of Chaffetz greatest assets. Let me use the words of Governor Huntsman as quoted by the Deseret News, “Jason’s dogged tenacity will serve the people of Utah well.”

Chaffetz is the man that we need in Congress. He will win this race because he is about the issues, and he is right on the issues. He sees things like Utah does. Governor Huntsman’s endorsement doesn’t do much for me. If you have read this blog for a long time, you know that I don’t care much for his politics. However, many people like him, so this endorsement will serve Chaffetz well.


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