Chaffetz: Principled Representation

Last night I took the opportunity to attend a “cottage” meeting with Jason Chaffetz and Carl Wimmer at the Riverton Library.  Again, my enthusiasm for these two candidates was renewed.

I have worked on only three campaigns in my entire life.  Okay, I am still relatively young, and three is probably more than most people work on.  However, my point is that I won’t campaign for a candidate unless I believe that candidate has the same principles as I do.

That’s why I am working on the Chaffetz campaign.  He speaks to the things that are important to me.

Jason Chaffetz is a fiscal conservative.  He backs it up by the way he has run his campaign.  Debt free.

Jason Chaffetz is principled in his approach to serving Utah.  He told us how he was approached by an unnamed legislator who offered him a seat on a prominent (my words not Chaffetz’s) committee if he was able to raise a large sum of money for the Republican Party.  While the carrot dangled in front of him, Chaffetz simply knew that he wouldn’t bite.  He wasn’t willing to buy his way in politics.

This is huge to me.  Chaffetz isn’t afraid to go against the flow.  It has been known for a long time that things need to change in Washington.  Finally, we have a nominee who will fight for that change.

Jason Chaffetz will fight for a diverse energy policy.  This includes drilling for oil in the United States, developing energy technologies, and creating safe nuclear power.  It’s refreshing to hear that from a candidate.

Jason Chaffetz will protect our nation.  He will provide our soldiers with better benefits to help the best to keep up the fight.  He will protect our borders by fixing legal immigration and keeping those with out permission out of our land.

I am sure that many of you have heard this before about Chaffetz.  And I really don’t want to repeat myself too much.  However, I am reinvigorated in my support for Chaffetz, that I want you to take the time to find out for yourself.

If what I have said hasn’t helped you then check out the campaign website.  But more importantly, take some time to meet with Jason Chaffetz the next time he is in your area.


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