Wimmer is a Winner

Okay, that title is really cheesy, but I just had to go with it.

Let me first of all apologize to Carl Wimmer for giving him second billing on my review of Tuesday night’s meeting.  But I figured that most of my readers are more interested in Chaffetz and don’t know who Wimmer is.

However, I have appreciated Wimmer’s work at the State Capitol for longer than I even knew that Chaffetz was in politics.  So, I appreciated meeting with him two days ago.

Wimmer is an absolute fiscal and social conservative.  It is very hard to find something that we disagree on.  Actually, while sitting at the convention in May I was suprised to see that there was one vote that he made that was opposite of mine.  But it’s good to see that we aren’t 100% on every issue.

In the meeting Wimmer stated that he asks himself one question before voting on every bill.  He asks himself, “Is this the proper role of government?”

In the past two years I have known Wimmer, he has reference The Law, by Federic Bastiat.  Upon his first reference to the book, I printed out the online book and read it.  I have meant to post about it for a while, but there is so much to discuss, I haven’t taken the time to put it all on paper, and I would have to reread it at this point.

Wimmer’s refernecing this book is just further evidence of Wimmer’s conservativism.  His record is also evidence as well.

The first time I heard of Carl Wimmer was about 2 years ago, when I was considering who to vote for in the State House of Representatives.  I am afraid, that my vote then was rather uninformed, but well made.  I am glad that I have help to elect Wimmer once, and I am honored to work with him and get him elected again.

Yesterday I help Wimmer to set up a facebook page for people to show their support.  If you want to support a true conservative, then help us through by supporting him on the facebook page.


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