Convention Thoughts: McCain

Well, like Sarah Palin, I thought that McCain’s speech started out fairly slow.  It just didn’t seem to have much going for it.  ABC’s pundits agreed with me.  they said that it was like two different speeches.

Because when he was done talking about his service for our country, he started to get into it.  He hit hard on many issues.  Talking about issues the way that I want him to.  Tough on immigration, open on energy, and limiting the control of government.

However, to be honest with you, looking at McCain’s past, I find it hard to believe.  Palin as his righ-hand woman makes me want to believe him.  However, I am afraid, that this is just talk.

I believe that he is a Maverick.  I believe that he is going to take on the “good old boys” in the Republican Party.  But I am not sure that he will fight in the direction that I want him to.

Right now, I am still leaning McCain.  I will probably still vote for him in November.  But he has two month to prove himself.

I appreciated that McCain’s speech was less Obama focused than the others that I heard.  It shows that he isn’t focused as much of fighting Obama, but about winning the race.  This really speaks volumes about the character the Fred Thompson showed us he had.

I will be watching these next couple of months, and I will be making and informed vote.  Whether it is for McCain or for someone else.  We know that it won’t be for Obama.


2 Responses to “Convention Thoughts: McCain”

  1. rmwarnick Says:

    McCain voted with Bush 95-100 percent. Good grief, he even voted for the Bush administration’s Torture Bill (aka Military Commissions Act). You can trust him to advocate four more years of the Bush disaster– but will Congress go along with President McCain?

  2. Travis Grant Says:

    If Congress is primarily Democrat, then of course they won’t go with McCain. And all predictions are that the Democrats will retain control of Congress. This is why we need a “maverick” President who won’t be afraid to veto the bills that aren’t good for America.

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