Wimmer’s Tax Plan

When I talk about Carl Wimmer, I failed to discuss appropriately his new tax plan.  Perhaps that is a good thing, because it left this opportunity to dispel some half truths that are being spread about his record.

When I picked up the mail today, I saw me second mailer this campaign season from Wimmer’s opponent, Dave Hogue.  However, I was deceived.  While it appears to have come from Hogue’s campaign, the small print reveals that the ad came from the Utah State Democratic Party.  I almost had to get out a magnifying glass to see it.

But that isn’t the point.  The point is that this ad is full of half truths.  While, I could discuss that half truths the add tells about Wimmer’s vote on CHIP and the Jordan School District Split.  I would like to focus on the most erroneous the half truths.

The ad states, “Now education funding is a mess, and Wimmer wants to shift the burden by INCREASING THE SALES TAX BY 2.25% to fix the district split” (emphasis theirs).

Talk about picking and choosing what you talk about.  The Democratic Party forgot to mention that Carl’s Tax Plan will completely remove the school district based property tax.  Wimmer’s purpose is to create a way for school funding to be more proportionate to population and not to property value.

The current system has several flaws.  In places where properties have high values, the school receive more money then those were property taxes are lower.  Also, it creates a system where some pay less than their share of taxes because they have larger families, or they have multiple families living in a home.

Wimmer’s plan will change that buy, taking the money to areas where people live.  For example, I have a large family.  There are eight of us.  However, I pay a rate of taxes based on the value of my home.  Granted I live in a larger home, but I know people who live in homes almost twice the size of mine, but they only have three people living in that home.  Because I have eight people to care for, I will pay a fairer share of my burden to educate my children through Wimmer’s program.

Don’t let the half truth’s of the Utah Democratic Party fool you.  Wimmer is working to lower taxes.  Wimmer cares about our children and he is fighting for our children’s education.  Wimmer is the right choice for District 52.


4 Responses to “Wimmer’s Tax Plan”

  1. Sean Edwards Says:

    Travis, I received the mailer as well. But I don’t see how anything in it is untrue. The votes are all cited right on the card. I checked them, and they’re accurate.

    Wimmer’s tax plan, if executed properly, could be revenue neutral for the state. However that does not mean it will be tax-neutral for all families. The plan has a number of flaws and does not take into account the nature of sales tax for necessities. For example, a small family that does not own a home or property, but rents, will see a dramatic increase in sales tax ($800 for the average Utah family), but see no tax cut whatsoever. Wimmer says you can just “choose” to pay less taxes with his plan, and if you’ve got large amounts of discretionary funding in your budget, that’s true. But for most middle-income families, that’s not the case. You can’t just choose not to replace your tires when they wear out, or replace a transmission in an emergency, or choose to stop buying cleaning supplies or laundry detergent. It’s a complete farce. It’s also regressive, the larger your home, the larger your tax cut. The smaller your home, the smaller your tax cut, but the sales tax increase remains the same. It works in favor of the wealthy and against low and middle income families.

    Second, as is evidenced by the budget shortfall this past month, revenue from sales tax is extremely erratic, and is likely to continue to become more inconsistent, and will bring in less money overall. Tying school funding to sales tax is asking for serious trouble, especially in the face of this awful district split and recession.

    Third, his “shift” would seriously damage business here in Utah. A 2.25% increase in the sales tax would give Utah a 6.9% sales tax, the second highest in the country behind California. When businesses are already on the verge, it seems extremely unwise to place a nearly 50% increase in sales tax. Small business and sales would tank. The market works, you know? And in economic crisis, people overreact even more.

    And finally, this is absolutely an attempt for Carl to save face with the voters who he abandoned when he declined to let them vote on the Jordan District split. The right to vote is fundamental. If we don’t have a representative who will fight for something that essential, what have we got? Nothing. Carl sat down on the single most important vote for Riverton. And now he’s got a misguided plan to fix it.

    I don’t see any “half-truths” there. I’m a conservative Republican and a tax accountant, but I’m seriously concerned with Carl Wimmer’s record. And Carl clearly hasn’t even begun to think of the consequences of this tax plan. That’s exactly what’s wrong with Carl Wimmer – he never thinks. Not sure that means I’ll vote for Hogue, but I have words for Mr. Wimmer.

  2. Carl Wimmer Says:


    If you have words for ME then explain why you have never contacted me. I welcome your dialog, please contact me at wimmer52@gmail.com . I reject two points you make, First of all, if you “checked” the votes and the mailer is “correct”, where did you check? Because Dave lied.

    He said I was opposed to the health care reform act of 2008…I voted FOR it. What is the excuse for this blatant mis-truth?

    Secondly is that I “Never think.” Really? Lets see, I worked for two full years to pass Jessica’s law. I worked with Judges, the Governor, prosecutors and others to make a law which is clearly the best child predator law in the country. Is that what you call “Never thinking?”

    My tax plan is being supported by some of the brightest tax minds in the state, AND I have not stopped there. I am having fiscal tax experts review it to make sure we do this correctly. That is not exactly “never thinking.” With that being said, I would welcome your input as a “tax accountant.”

    Property tax is the most damaging, hurtful and hated tax by the people. When you take into consideration the political pressures to cut property tax, it is NO LESS volitile than sales tax. I have a chart over the past 30 years showing this to be true. All things being equal yes, property tax is more stable, BUT we continually cut property tax, making it just as erratic as sales tax.

    Tell me, why should those who rent, have their children subsidized by the rest of us? That is what is happening right now. Why should illegal aliens who move three families into one home be subsidized by the rest of us? That is what is happening right now.

    Tell me, do you have a plan to prevent property tax increases? Does Dave Hogue? If you do, then I truly welcome the feedback, but I am have not heard anything but complaints from Hogue; never ideas.

    Lastly my friend, Regardless of how you feel about the district split, I was able to get our area MORE MONEY. You can’t argue against that, neither can Dave.

    Dave was one of the least effective legislators in Utah when he was in office, now he is a Democrat. If he wins, he will be the least effective legislator in the state. Is that what our area needs?

  3. Derek Walker Says:

    Gazelim, Sean’s right. Carl has some serious problems with the voters here. Why did he vote against letting the us vote on the school district split?

    I saw Carl’s response to the mailer on his website today, and he attacks Hogue for lying. Hogue didn’t even send out the piece. Nor did he bring up HB 133 that Carl uses to defend his record on health care reform. Plus he brought up his brother’s death, which Hogue didn’t even come close to mention. That’s just low. Carl opposed significant healthcare reform in that article, and he knows it.

    He doesn’t even answer why he voted against letting us vote on the split.

    I’m with you on McCain-Palin and Chaffetz, but there’s no way I’m voting for this Wimmer guy.

  4. Travis Grant Says:


    Your estimate of $800 increase for an average family is wrong. My understanding is that the average household income in the state of Utah is $51,309. In order for such a family to have an $800 increase they would need to spend almost 70% on that on non-food retail expenses. I don’t make much more than $51,000. And I can tell you there is NO way that our family of 8 children spend any where near the $35,500 in reatail purchases each year. Think about all the money that goes to food, gas, utilities, and such. Sorry, but I feel that you are over stating the supposed increase.

    Regarding your second point, if businesses can survive in an erratic sales market then so can government. There are economic and business practices that work for millions of businesses, I can’t see why our schools can’t do the same. Besides, it might be a good thing for government to learn how to live a little thinner.

    Finally, I will comment on your confusion about what I have said. I have never said the the democrats lies. I was very careful to say have truths. I did not say that they lied which you accuse me of doing. I did as you indicated at the end. I called them half truths. They completely misrepresent Carl’s views. If you doubt me, do as Carl asks, and email him. He is a good man, and a great representative. He listens, and he explains his reasoning.

    Thanks for you comments, You know that they are always welcome here.

    I simply refer you to my comments to Sean. I would also further encourage you to talk to Carl. He will explain his reasons for each of his votes, And frankly I agree with him.

    Also, I think you might have me confused with someone else. Yes, I will be voting for Jason Chaffetz, and I will be glad to do so. However, I absolutely refuse to vote for McCain. Anyone who can steal my money and give it to fat cats on Wall Street does not deserve my vote.

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