The Octogenarian

Last week my wife’s family lost a truly great man.  I was going to post this earlier, but I couldn’t find the video that I wanted to include.  I still can’t find them, but I feel a need to post about this great man anyway.

The octogenarian lived to be 82 year of age, and he served all he came in contact with well.  First, he served his country during WWII as a simple galley man on a U.S. Naval ship.  He wasn’t a gunner, he wasn’t a captain, he wasn’t fighter pilot.  Instead, he was your simple every man working in the kitchen.  The video that I wanted to share was a discription of what he did during the war.

After the War, he came home and served his community as a volunteer fire fighter.  It was wonderful to see two men stand at attention by the casket during the viewings.  The represented his service to the city he spent most of his adult life in.

He served his family, through his excellent example of work.  Except for the last few years of his life when his health prevented it, when ever you went to Grandpa’s house he was either in the shed, garage, or garden working.  He always kept himself busy with one project or another.  This would often translate into something for one of his sons, or grandchildren helping harvesting the garden.

He served his church by serving his neighbors. Even though some consider the task of home teaching a menial.  This octogenarian understood the value of service to those who home taught.  If he home taught a widowed sister, you can garauntee that she were taken care of.  A family in need was also someone who Grandpa took care of.

This octogenarian lived a good life, and service was a part of who he was.  His 82 years of service in this world has left the world a better place.

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