Say No to Renew the Zoo

About a month ago, Hogle Zoo emailed a coworker in the office where I work.  They asked if she would be willing to share and email with our office. The forwarded email essentially invited us to put a yard sign up at our homes. I immediately choose to offend half of the office, and I told them, that I would be voting no on Proposition 2.

I became very unpopular. Not that I was popular before.

I was accused of being a hypocrite because I attended the company summer picnic at the zoo, when I don’t support the zoo. I quickly correct those who accused me of such, and said that I support the zoo. I have supported the zoo in the best way I know how. I have purchased annual memberships at the zoo. I have had 3 separate annual memberships.

My problem is not with the zoo. It is with taxes and debt. We are entering into some financially trying times. And we need to cut back on services. We shouldn’t be increasing our state’s debt and thus increasing the tax burden on our citizens.

Like others, I will be voting no on Proposition 2. And I still love the zoo. Hmm… It’s probalby time to signup for another annual memberships again.


6 Responses to “Say No to Renew the Zoo”

  1. Hiram bertoch Says:


    I am so glad to see others out there who feel as I do. I think this will likely pass, because most people do not understand the proposal. My family all think that it is to “renew the zoo” or in other words to keep the zoo open.

    How frustrating.

  2. Mylinda LeGrande Says:

    AMen to your answer. I agree in every way. Way to stand up to co-workers and debt!!

  3. kevin Says:

    I completely agree- no to new debt. Yet the “renew” campaign theme will confuse everyone enough to win.

  4. Abrianna Says:

    You can’t afford to pay like 40 cents a month to renew the zoo? But you could afford a 75$ membership? Interesting. I see your ‘support’.

  5. Travis Grant Says:

    Yes. That is completely my point. I get something for the $75. However, for the 40 cents a month, I get nothing but more debt and a weaker economy. Which is a better deal in your book: paying something for nothing, or paying something for something?

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