Let the Schmoozing Begin

I am a little late with this post, but things were busier yesterday. So, I am posting this now.

I have officially be selected as the State Delegate from my precinct. I said selected, because there were no votes necessary. I asked a neighbor to nominate me (and I hope I got his vote), and only one other person was nominate for State Delegate from our precinct. So, it was moved to give us the nomination without a vote (sorry, but I forget the technical speak that they use in these meetings). And I am it.

Originally, I was going to go for the County Delegate position, but Carl Wimmer has no Republican contenders. Unlike last time when there were several UEA voters in the caucus. This time there was only two or three that I recognized as being pro-UEA (him, I only have three votes against me for vice chair, interesting…).  It looks like the UEA is putting their support behind former Republican State Representative Dave Hogue.

Anyway, I am really excited about the change to select between Jason Chaffetz, David Leavitt, and Chris Cannon. (Hmmmm…. Interesting order there, doesn’t look alphabetical to me.)   While, I am leaning towards one and away from another.  I have not been sold on any of them.  I look forward to hearing from them and making my decision.  I will post about it later (I hope).

As I indicated earlier, I was also elected as the Vice-chair.  My wife graciously nominated me for the position, and after a vote of 13 to 3, I elected as the vice-chair.  It will be a fun experience, and I hope to be as involved as possible without sacrificing too much from the family.  The great thing is that the Precinct Chair has a lot of experience, so I can learn the ropes through him.  I just now need to figure out where he sits politically.  I hope we have more in common than not.

Listen to Gazelem Talk Politics

It’s been a long spell without any comments on politics from yours truly.  And I am going to make this a special treat.  You get to listen to me talk politics.

You may have heard about KLO Radio’s recent contest where they invited listeners to submit a 30 minute talk show.  The talk show needed to have at leat one interview.

My first thought was how fun would that be, but I really wasn’t going to pursue it.  However,  PandaMae (my 12-year-old daughter) said that she thought it would be cool.  So, I figured, what the heck.  I will give it a try.

I thought about several options that I had for interviewing.  I have a friend in the LDS Entertainment industry who could have set me up with an interview with various artists.  But ultimately I went with Representative Carl Wimmer.

I consider Carl a friend, and I figured that he would be willing to help.  Sure enough, he agreed, and within a couple of days we sat down and conducted an Interview.

So, please check out this political NetCast over at PodBean.com.  Note that the interview is over a month old, so some of the information is dated.