2008 Calendar

They are done. Actually, I still have one more, but I have until Dec. 31 to finish that.

Every year for the past several years, I have taken photos from my wife’s family and used them to make a personalized calendar. You have probably purchased them as gifts, and they are wonderful to hang on your wall.

However, as you know I am cheap. So, I make them myself. However, in making them myself, I have also decided that I would put important dates on the calendars. Primarily, I include all of my wife’s parents children and grandchildren’s birthdays and anniversaries.

However, I usually make three different calendars. I usually use the same pictures, but I include different birthday’s depending on the recipient. My wife and my calendar includes birthdays for her family and for mine. The Calendar for my wife’s grandmother includes birthdays for her brothers and sisters and all of her progeny. That’s three different but similar calendars.

If that wasn’t enough, I decided that this year, I would make a calendar for my side of the family. However, they wouldn’t be interested in photos from my wife’s family. So, I had to have different pictures. Past attempts at getting them to send photos have completely failed, so this year, I used photos that I have taken from my travels this past few year.

Unfortunately, I  have made a few mistakes.  The calendars that I mailed out a couple of days ago, went out without my brother-in-law’s birthday on it.  Also, the calendar that I printed for me doesn’t have any of my wife’s family on it.  I just wasn’t thinking and I was happily printing away.  Also, a few of the calendar’s for my family have the wrong photo connected to the wrong month.  I was just too cheap to print them again.

So, I have had to make 4 different calendars this year. And trust me, if you want to put your printer to the test make 13 calendars on cardstock using extensive color.

Some of My Favorites Photos from the Calendar:
Duck in a Pond

Wild Flowers of Idaho
Flag on “Blue” Bridge, Kennewick, WA
East of Park City