Cannon Says I am “Harsh, Boorish”

I have been giving Chris Cannon the benefit of the doubt these past few months. I wasn’t willing to vote for him, but I was willing to give him the respect that should be given honorable people.

However, that respect is all over. No more.

I can’t believe it, but Chris Cannon has called me and those who joined me into voting for Jason Chaffetz “harsh” and “boorish.” Maybe the fact that I didn’t know what boorish meant is a sign that I am. But it is just plain rude to refer to people as such.

The sense that I am getting is that Republican leader ship is disconnected from it’s voters. Cannon’s comments are only a part of it. Apparently, as the article suggests. Bennett and Hatch are disconnected too. Oh, but that was a given.

However, LaVarr Webb agrees stating that these are only localized issues. If they are so localized how come President Bush has one of the lowest ratings in history, and why isn’t Cannon the first incumbent this year to lose his seat.

It’s time for the Republican Party to wake up. They need to realize that it isn’t just the far right wing of the party that is tired of their antics. It is the average citizen that wants to get back to the truly conservative values.

Before I close this, I have a couple of other thoughts. First, what is this that Chris Cannon is saying about not knowing who Jason Chaffetz is? If that is true, then no wonder he lost the race. How can you run a campaign against someone and not do your research? That is either an out-right lie, or Cannon is a complete idiot.

Finally, is it me, or does Chris Cannon sound like he is supporting the Democrat candidate? Maybe he is trying to imply that a vote for Chaffetz made it easier for a Democrat to win (which is true). But it doesn’t guarantee them a win.

I thought that Cannon had class. But it is obvious, that if he did, he lost it when he lost the race in the primary.

Live Blogging – the Chaffetz-Cannon Debate

Below is the text of my initial reaction the the debate between Jason Chaffetz and Chris Cannon on the Bob Lonsberry Program.  You can list to the debate via MP3, and see what my reactions were as I heard them.  Understand that I was at work when making these comments, and sometime work got in the way of blogging.  Can you imagine.

The Debate Begins


Cannon asks Chaffetz to share his experience.

Chaffetz gives an excellent resume.


Cannon says to vote for me because I am ugly (rough paraphrase). Does Cannon really think that people are voting for Jason because he is better looking?????


Chaffetz brings out the first issue oriented question.

Cannon stumbles through in answering the question. And turns it to a different issue that he feels he is strong on.

Lonsberry gets Cannon back on track.


Cannon tries to make Chaffetz look soft of immigration.

Chaffetz points people to the facts on himself.

Cannon implies that Chaffetz is inexperienced. Then implies that his temporary permit is a permanent
stay visa. And Cannon is wrong.


Chris, if it is hard to get immigration laws passed, then maybe this job is too hard for you. Time to put someone in who is willing to fight for it.


Things got really heated. And fun for the listener.


At this point the candidate are given equal amounts of time to present their final arguments and rebuttals.

Chaffetz calls out Cannon on his record. While there are similarities. Chaffetz shows how they are different.

  • No Child Left Behind
  • Immigration
  • Personal and Federal Financial responsibility.
  • and more


Cannon tells us about the “Fair Isaac” Bill that he passed. Don’t know much about it, but it is interesting how much Air time the Cannon has sought in the past few weeks.

What things are you going to do??? He just says that there are things he would like to do. But he won’t tell us what they are.

Cannon claims to be consistent. However, his early years have shown him to be far more liberal in his attitudes towards illegal immigration.

Then he gets back at Chaffetz who isn’t running in his district. Something that Chaffetz has already called to the table and said is a non-issue.

If energy has been one of your issues, then why are we paying $4 a gallon. Shouldn’t we blame you for this, because you have claimed to be fighting on energy for 12 years.

Concluding Thoughts

I know that I am biased in this election.  But I honestly feel that Chaffetz was the most concise and clear on the issues.  He presented himself very well.  Chris Cannon didn’t do as good a job.  Usually he handles himself better than this.  Anyway, my final conclusion is the Chaffetz won this debate.

Bob Lonsberry Sells Out to Chris Cannon

I am a huge Bob Lonsberry fan. I have listened to him since his first time on the air here in Utah. I remember when I first heard him, I thought that he was some 70-year-old retired guy that 570am was giving a shot.

Bob won me over when he started talking about the LDS church in a positive way. For as long as I can remember I never understood why Utah television and radio seemed to want to alienate 70% of its audience. And Bob finally opened up to this audience, and I felt welcomed.

I own one of Bob’s books, and I really want to get copies of the others. But I want them autographed like the first one. So, I haven’t been able to get to a book signing where I can buy them and get them signed at the same time.

However, I am deeply concerned with a stance that Bob has taken lately.

Bob has stated that he is supporting Chris Cannon. I almost lost my mind. I can’t believe that Bob has that short of a memory. I can’t believe that Bob feels that Cannon represent Utah (or more specifically the Third District).

But I believe that I know why Bob has sold out. Unfortunately, I don’t have any written proof, but I have audio. So, please forgive me for linking to a large MP3 file. But it’s the only thing I have.

About a week ago, Bob Lonsberry did and interview with none other than Joe Cannon, editor of the Deseret News and brother to Chris Cannon. Listen to the MP3 for a good interview. But the kicker is within the last few mintues of the MP3. At roughly 22:00 minutes into the Interview Bob mentions that KNRS and Bob Lonsberry are working on some sort of “relationship” with (a branch of the Deseret News).

Since this interview and even before, I have noticed a lot of “kissy face” (to use Bob’s words) towards the Cannon family. Bob has always been a little standoff towards Jason Chaffetz. I think part of it is that Jason really doesn’t do well on the radio. I don’t know why, but I have never been really impress with Jason’s interviews on the radio.

At first I suspected that Bob was turned off from Chaffetz inarticulate nature on the radio. However, I now have a new insight. Why would Joe Cannon finally be working with Bob Lonsberry. I know from listening to Bob for almost 10 years now that Bob has always wanted to write for the Deseret News. And now during this political season Joe Cannon shows interest in Bob.

Bob you are being played. And as hard as it is for me to believe, you are falling for it. Wake up and get out of bed with the Cannon’s. Not that they are bad people. Just understand that Chris Cannon has done a lot to get air time this past year. Something that he wasn’t interested in over a year ago.

It is frustrating to me. I like Bob Lonsberry. But part of the reason, that I like him is that I always felt like he was sincere. This is the first time that I can’t see the sincerity. I am just at a loss for understanding on this. Because the only reason I can see for Bob to support Cannon is that he is playing “kissy face.”

Is the Race between Chaffetz and Cannon Really Tight?

Okay we all know that the Deseret News’ cheif editor is Chris Cannon’s Brother, Joe Cannon. And we are all confident that Mr. Cannon would never let his paper show bias towards any candidate, right? (wink, wink, nod, nod).

However, their recent news article on polling shows that bias again in two ways. As with all polling done by Dan Jones and associates, their polling numbers are outrageously low.

For this politcal survey Dan Jones managed to poll a whopping total of 203 potential voters. To see this total look at this lovely graphic and read the parenthetical phrase at the bottom. It is interesting that nowhere in the article do they mention the 203 number.

I will give them credit for sharing the +/- 7 percent with us. But what few people understand is that +/- 7 percent is directly related to the number polled. Had they polled another 200 or even 800 individuals the could have had a +/- 5 percent or +/- 3 percent, respectively.

Sure if the results would have remained 39-37 (for Cannon), then it would have still been too close to call. However, we won’t know because the polling was incomplete.

The second issue is that they polled independent voters and said that would be the key to Chaffetz winning the race. While the numbers here are still suspect. That isn’t the key problem for me. The problem I have is that they fail (complete neglect) to mention that Utah has closed primaries. This is something the Mr. Bernick is aware of, because he wrote a piece about this 2 years ago. Ooops. This point is mute moot. I completely missed it in the article. But I am still suspicious about the stats.

If you are an Independent voter, you need to register as a Republican. Why would Bernick and his editor not mention that in their article? Perhaps, they don’t want the independent voter to register to vote. Perhaps, They would like to keep the status quo.

If you are an independent and you want to see Chris Cannon out, don’t wait for the general election. It is very likely that our next Congressman will be decided on June 24th and not in November. Register yourself to as a Republican, even if you feel like you have hold your nose while you do so.

If you are an independent and you want to see Jason Chaffetz win, then now is the time to act. Go to your county clerk’s office or website and register as a Republican. It is the number one way that you can show your support for Mr. Chaffetz.

To me this is just another blatant example of poor politcal reporting by the Deseret News and another example of the main stream media trying to influence the vote. Don’t let their lack of reporting this properly influence you and your decision.

Here is a list of counties in the Third District and how to register (or renew your registration as a Republican):

Salt Lake County Voter Registration

Utah County Voter Registration Q & A (form – pdf)

Juab County Clerk’s Office (email)

Sanpete County Clerk’s Office (scroll down for voter information and this form – pdf)

Millard County Clerk’s Office (Just use the same form as the other counties)

Sevier County Voter Registration Information (form – pdf)

Beaver County Clerk’s Office (form -pdf)

Chaffetz and Cannon Discuss the Race on KSL

Posted without comment from me, but please feel free to discuss.

Convention Recap

Well, I know that this is a couple of days old, but I had such a good time at the convention, that I want to record my experience for future reference. And I am hoping that it will be enjoyable for everyone else to read.

My day started with a simple question from my wife. “What time are you planning on leaving?”


“You better get up then.”

I jump out of bed skip the shower, get dressed an head out the door. Stopping only because I forgot my Chris Cannon Breakfast pass.

6:00am (or there about)
Meet up with several people from the Chaffetz campaign who are there to put signs up. By this late time, most of it was done, so I did a lot of standing around. Until they finally opened the doors to let people into the halls.

I placed a couple of signs, but not really much. Eventually, I met up with a few campaign volunteers and I helped to put up a few large triangles to create a larger presence. It was good to see so many people involved and excited about the campaign.

I was really starting to get bored at this point. It didn’t seem like there was much going on, so I decided to take my t-shirts and start waiting in credentials line. My first impression was the poor kids who were handing out bags to the delegates for David Leavitt. No one seemed interested in their bags.

I myself didn’t even bother to get one. Perhaps I should have had pitty on them, but I really didn’t care to carry the bag around, and I didn’t care for the “stuff” that was in the bag.

Despite the fact that the credentials were supposed to be open at 7:00, the line didn’t start moving until around 7:30. Once I got to the front of the line I realized that I (and a few of the men in front of me) was in the wrong line. Fortunately, the lady guarding the wall between the two areas had pitty on us, and let us in.

I quicking picked up my credentials and I almost walked out without my ballot, because the men checking me in forgot to give it to me. They caught their mistake before I got to far, and I received a ballot before leaving.

Picked up a few more t-shirts and a few flyers to help hand out at the door. Most people were pretty receptive to receiving the information, but a few were rather rude. But so be it, I was happy to put up with a little crap to help support Chaffetz.

I really didn’t like one of the flyers. Some of the statements seemed risky. But it appears that they were well substantiated (or verifiable). But it was an interesting statement about where David Leavitt stands on immigration. And if immigration is an important issue to a delegate, this could help them to make their decision.

It’s starting to get cold, and I am getting hungry, because I haven’t taken advantage of the Cannon pass. However, the Huntsman booth was within sight of were I was, and the appeared to have some good stuff. So, I handed my flyers to some fellow volunteers, and I went to have some breakfast.

At breakfast, I had some good conversation with some fellow delegates on various candidates, and it was fun to talk to them. I also stopped and talked to Kent Winder from my old Stake to see how things were there. He didn’t remember me, but he did recognize me. That’s okay, because I really didn’t have that much interaction with the Winder Family while I lived in the Stake they lived in.

Went inside, because I needed to warm up. I manned some of the booths and helped hand out more t-shirts, button, and flyers about Chaffetz. It was great to see the group of delegates huddled around Chaffetz, asking him questions and learning what he stood for. You could see that there was a genuine interest in what Chaffetz was saying. Whether that interest translated into votes was soon to be shown.

This time was also the first that I heard about the possibility of Chaffetz to garner 60% in the convention. That struck me as a little ambitious, but I was hopeful to see it happen. Because based on past primaries, Chaffetz will have a tough time against Cannon.

Found a seat in the Salt Lake County Section of the floor. I found a few Chaffetz supports to sit with, but I didn’t know any of them, but they were friendly enough to sit with.

Eventually, they got to the point that I was eager to get too. We separated into our separate districts to hear from the candidates and to start casting ballots.

Stone Fonua was interesting. I can sum up his talk with one word. “Peacemaker.” Ummm… Interesting talk, and not very inspiring. Seven minutes felt like a half hour.

Joe “NPC” Ferguson (can someone tell me what NPC means) was at least better to listen to. But frankly, you could tell the he was a one issue candidate, who didn’t offer much in the name of a well-rounded candidate.

David Leavitt started with a syrupy video about dreams, values, family, and hope. Then he gave his “I am a Statesman” talk. That made one wonder if they had accidentally arrived at a Barrack Obama campaign. If one were to vote strictly on emotions, then they would have to vote for Leavitt. He really did a lot of work to pull at heart strings. But as usually there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of substance to his talk. Just like all of the balloons that he dropped from the ceiling. Trust me the balloon drop was very anti-climatic.

Jason Chaffetz hit several balls out of the proverbial park. He started out very strong. His talk was by far the most issues based talk. He covered all of the bases (to continue to baseball metaphor): illegal immigration, fiscal responsibility, our national security and more. The audience was clapping and generally showing a lot of support for Chaffetz. The energy level went from a hum to an all out party during Chaffetz’s speech.

Chris Cannon was better than Leavitt, but he couldn’t compete with Chaffetz. Like Leavitt, Cannon started out with a video, but it wasn’t sugary sweet. It was mostly filled with endorsements from various individuals included President Bush, Senator Hatch, and others. When Cannon spoke from the pulpit, he addressed a few issues, and did an okay job.

Round One Voting (Sorry, but I really started to lose track of time, but this was around 12:00pm)
I headed up the stares to cast my first ballot. It was obviously cast for Chaffetz, and I was great to place a ballot for someone I can honestly support.

The interesting thing about the voting was that after I had dropped by ballot in the box (I was little shocked to see that we are still using dangling chads), I walk directly passed Chris Cannon. He was talking to some reporter; I really wasn’t paying attention to who. He stopped his conversation with the report, and turned to me and said, “When Chaffetz is out, I hope that I can get your vote.”

Not grasping the full extent of what he said and being a little taken a back by any comment from Cannon, I stupidly replied, “We will have to see.” I wish that I could have said something more along the lines of. “It won’t come to that.” Or better yet, “I hope that when you get out of the voting, that you will vote for Chaffetz.” But it’s too late now.

The wait for round 1 results, was bearable. There were several other candidates and issues to study up on and look over. However, it was starting to get hard to sit and wait. Especially after they announce the results:

Stone Fonua: 4 ( .37 percent)- eliminated
Joe Ferguson: 49 (4.54 percent) – eliminated
David Leavitt: 220 (20.37 percent)
Jason Chaffetz: 469 (43.43 percent)
Chris Cannon: 338 (31.30 percent)

It was exciting that not only did “my” candidate win the first round. He had a whopping 43% of the vote. The rumors that I heard about 60% were starting to look more realistic.

Round Two Voting
After hearing from candidate for the other offices, and make some informed (and some not-well informed) decisions. I cast my ballot again for Jason Chaffetz, and for the other varied candidates who I thought would do a the best job.

I was forced to walk by the concession stands, but I didn’t give into temptation. I eventually went through the hall that didn’t have the balloting booths, and there I found Chris Cannon dishing out Pizza. Thanks for the slice. It was good, and still very hot.

After the slice, I went over by the Chaffetz booth (which was close to one of the Leavitt booths, and I couldn’t help but notice the face of dejection in the volunteers for Leavitt. I even saw Leavitt himself, and he too was cast down. He was trying to hold his head up, but you could just see that he couldn’t believe the results.

I also took this down time to look up so old friends. I knew that KH was going to be there, so I asked several people if they knew her, but to no avail. Then I looked up at just the right time and found her. So, I made my way across the section of chairs, and we had a fun little how have you been chat.

I also saw some people who lived in my ward while growing up (then lived in my stake a few years back). So I took a moment to say hi to CP, LP, and DP. I couldn’t help but notice that they were wearing David Leavitt t-shirts, so I boldly asked them to vote for Chaffetz, if Leavitt didn’t survive round two. LP agreed that she absolutely would. Because she was completely against Cannon.

The wait to hear the results of round two seemed twice as long as for round one. But I gather that it really wasn’t that bad. Just sitting through the debates about party constitution and bylaws was boring.

Fortunately, the monotony was broken by the violation of floor rules from Leavitt or Cannon or both. As has been well published on the Internet. Approx. 100 teenage volunteers from the Leavitt campaign came out onto the floor carrying Cannon signs. They were reminded of the rules, and then escorted politely off of the floor. In my opinion, it was a gross display of Leavitt’s lack of statesmanship.

I was willing to give Cannon the benefit of the doubt and assume he had nothing to do with it. But that benefit was quickly removed when I saw Cannon and Leavitt walk onto the floor side-by-side shaking hands and I am assuming encouraging people to vote for Cannon. It was then that I was sure Cannon had shot himself in the foot, and I knew that Chaffetz had 60% of the vote.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, they announced the results of the the second round of voting:

David Leavitt: 161 (15.39 percent) – eliminated
Chris Cannon: 356 (34.03 percent)
Jason Chaffetz: 529 (50.57 percent)

Round Three Voting
Before I had a chance get up to the ballot boxes, I had several people come up to where I was and ask people near by what they thought of the Leavitt support Cannon move. And the over all consensus was that they were put off by it. It was wrong and they didn’t like it.

While I was in line waiting to cast my ballot I also listened to what people had to say. And while some were quiet, there were several who were vocal about their concern over the move.

After balloting, I quickly stopped off at the Chaffetz booths and talk to a couple of friends on the campaign (KH and AL). They agreed with me. They all felt that Leavitt and Cannon had managed to shoot themselves in the foot and that we were going to take 60%. They might have been less enthusiastic than I, but they had generally agreed.

Jason Chaffetz arrive at the booths while we were there, and all of his supporters applauded his entrance. You could see the humility in his eyes and body language. He was grateful for our support, and moved that we were so excited to see him. I was close enough to hear what he said, but he talked a little bit, then I had to leave. So, I said my good byes and headed out the door.

Just as I was leaving, I saw my friends of my home ward (CP and LP). I asked her as a Leavitt supporter what she thought of the action on the floor. And she said that she felt betrayed. I am pretty sure hers was one of the voted that went to Chaffetz on the third round.

Sometime after 4:30pm
On the drive home I listened to the radio hoping to hear the results. But there was nothing. When I got home, I turned on the TV for some results. I saw nothing.

Finally, I hopped on the Internet and found the results at and found that Chaffetz missed the boat by less than 1 percent.

Jason Chaffetz: 563 (59.01 percent)
Chris Cannon: 391 (40.99 percent)

AGGHHHH!!!! It was frustrating.

I quickly typed up an email to Chaffetz’ Campaign manager and asked what she wanted me to do next. Then I started my focus on Mother’s Day, because my dear wife gave up a lot for me to do what I did today.