Live Blogging – the Chaffetz-Cannon Debate

Below is the text of my initial reaction the the debate between Jason Chaffetz and Chris Cannon on the Bob Lonsberry Program.  You can list to the debate via MP3, and see what my reactions were as I heard them.  Understand that I was at work when making these comments, and sometime work got in the way of blogging.  Can you imagine.

The Debate Begins


Cannon asks Chaffetz to share his experience.

Chaffetz gives an excellent resume.


Cannon says to vote for me because I am ugly (rough paraphrase). Does Cannon really think that people are voting for Jason because he is better looking?????


Chaffetz brings out the first issue oriented question.

Cannon stumbles through in answering the question. And turns it to a different issue that he feels he is strong on.

Lonsberry gets Cannon back on track.


Cannon tries to make Chaffetz look soft of immigration.

Chaffetz points people to the facts on himself.

Cannon implies that Chaffetz is inexperienced. Then implies that his temporary permit is a permanent
stay visa. And Cannon is wrong.


Chris, if it is hard to get immigration laws passed, then maybe this job is too hard for you. Time to put someone in who is willing to fight for it.


Things got really heated. And fun for the listener.


At this point the candidate are given equal amounts of time to present their final arguments and rebuttals.

Chaffetz calls out Cannon on his record. While there are similarities. Chaffetz shows how they are different.

  • No Child Left Behind
  • Immigration
  • Personal and Federal Financial responsibility.
  • and more


Cannon tells us about the “Fair Isaac” Bill that he passed. Don’t know much about it, but it is interesting how much Air time the Cannon has sought in the past few weeks.

What things are you going to do??? He just says that there are things he would like to do. But he won’t tell us what they are.

Cannon claims to be consistent. However, his early years have shown him to be far more liberal in his attitudes towards illegal immigration.

Then he gets back at Chaffetz who isn’t running in his district. Something that Chaffetz has already called to the table and said is a non-issue.

If energy has been one of your issues, then why are we paying $4 a gallon. Shouldn’t we blame you for this, because you have claimed to be fighting on energy for 12 years.

Concluding Thoughts

I know that I am biased in this election.  But I honestly feel that Chaffetz was the most concise and clear on the issues.  He presented himself very well.  Chris Cannon didn’t do as good a job.  Usually he handles himself better than this.  Anyway, my final conclusion is the Chaffetz won this debate.

Bob Lonsberry Sells Out to Chris Cannon

I am a huge Bob Lonsberry fan. I have listened to him since his first time on the air here in Utah. I remember when I first heard him, I thought that he was some 70-year-old retired guy that 570am was giving a shot.

Bob won me over when he started talking about the LDS church in a positive way. For as long as I can remember I never understood why Utah television and radio seemed to want to alienate 70% of its audience. And Bob finally opened up to this audience, and I felt welcomed.

I own one of Bob’s books, and I really want to get copies of the others. But I want them autographed like the first one. So, I haven’t been able to get to a book signing where I can buy them and get them signed at the same time.

However, I am deeply concerned with a stance that Bob has taken lately.

Bob has stated that he is supporting Chris Cannon. I almost lost my mind. I can’t believe that Bob has that short of a memory. I can’t believe that Bob feels that Cannon represent Utah (or more specifically the Third District).

But I believe that I know why Bob has sold out. Unfortunately, I don’t have any written proof, but I have audio. So, please forgive me for linking to a large MP3 file. But it’s the only thing I have.

About a week ago, Bob Lonsberry did and interview with none other than Joe Cannon, editor of the Deseret News and brother to Chris Cannon. Listen to the MP3 for a good interview. But the kicker is within the last few mintues of the MP3. At roughly 22:00 minutes into the Interview Bob mentions that KNRS and Bob Lonsberry are working on some sort of “relationship” with (a branch of the Deseret News).

Since this interview and even before, I have noticed a lot of “kissy face” (to use Bob’s words) towards the Cannon family. Bob has always been a little standoff towards Jason Chaffetz. I think part of it is that Jason really doesn’t do well on the radio. I don’t know why, but I have never been really impress with Jason’s interviews on the radio.

At first I suspected that Bob was turned off from Chaffetz inarticulate nature on the radio. However, I now have a new insight. Why would Joe Cannon finally be working with Bob Lonsberry. I know from listening to Bob for almost 10 years now that Bob has always wanted to write for the Deseret News. And now during this political season Joe Cannon shows interest in Bob.

Bob you are being played. And as hard as it is for me to believe, you are falling for it. Wake up and get out of bed with the Cannon’s. Not that they are bad people. Just understand that Chris Cannon has done a lot to get air time this past year. Something that he wasn’t interested in over a year ago.

It is frustrating to me. I like Bob Lonsberry. But part of the reason, that I like him is that I always felt like he was sincere. This is the first time that I can’t see the sincerity. I am just at a loss for understanding on this. Because the only reason I can see for Bob to support Cannon is that he is playing “kissy face.”