World Net Daily and Sarah Palin Read My Blog

World Net Daily and Sarah Palin stole my idea.  While I probably should be angered at the plagiarism. I am more honored.  I can’t believe that such a small little blog has such big influence.

World Net Dailey is reporting the same thing I did on Monday.  That Sarah Palin is helping out NBC, SNL, and Tina Fey.  I am impressed that my news has such a far reach.

So, now we know that this is important that we help out the struggling network, this struggling show, and this struggling comedian. Americans everywhere do you duty.  We must help McCain and Palin to win.

Just another reminder, I won’t be voting for McCain.  I can’t do it after the bailout.  It was the wrong thing to do, so voting for anyone who voted for the bill is the wrong thing to do.

Why McCain Palin Must Win

I won’t ask you to vote for someone I wont’ vote for.  But I feel that it is imperitive that this pair must win this election.  It is for our country’s health that I believe this is true.

There are $700 billion reasons I will not be voting for McCain next month.  I can’t support anyone who wants to turn this country into a socialist state.  I am so serious about this non-McCain vote that I have sign the 110Amen Pledge.  And I hope that you will to.

That said, I must state that I feel it is an imperative that John McCain and Sarah Palin with the election.  And it is for one simple reason.  We need comedy in hard times.  We need to laugh as times get rough.  And since we can’t seem to control congress, we need something to keep our minds off of the demise of our constitutional freedoms.

Think about it.  How many Barack Obama jokes can Dave Letterman and Jay Leno do.  Honestly, I think that they are done.  Joe Biden just isn’t funny.  There really isn’t anything about him that makes you want to laugh.

However, Sarah Palin is great fodder for the comedians.  People we need to do this for Tina Fey.  She is a struggling comedian whose fame has be greatly increased thanks to Palin’s nomination.

McCain won’t provide as much fodder, but we can have more fun with him than we can have with Obama.

We need to do this for America.  I know that I am encouraging you to do that which I won’t but people, this is important for America.  We need this.

Vote for good Comedy.  Vote for laughs.  Don’t vote for Obama/Biden.

America needs a good laugh.

Convention Thoughts: Palin Power

Yesterday’s speeches were a lot better than the previous day’s speeches.  Rudy Giulianni and Sarah Palin really brought it home to the Democrats.  I will be honest that to a certain extent I felt like they were attacking too much.  But everything they said was true.

Rudy hit home on many important points, and his speech was as good as Fred Thompson’s speech yesterday.  I was rather impressed.  He liken Sarah Palin to himself.  Both of them haven’t served as mayors.  This probably brought a few Giuliani votes over to the McCain-Palin ticket.

The house stopper though was the “keynote” speaker, Sarah Palin.  As she walked out on the stage.  I thought to myself, she better not freak out.  I know that I would.  The applause was deafening.  And I could see in her eyes that she was truly humbled by it.  I think that I almost saw a tear, but she controlled it.

As she started speaking, I thought that she wasn’t doing very well.  She spoke well, she got her message across well.  But there wasn’t much power or focus in her discussion.

However, as she progressed, she hit more home runs than Alex Rodriguez does in an entire season.  Trenton over at the Conservative Front as a great collection of some of her great quotes.  So, I won’t repeat them here.  But she sold me.  I am about 95% sure that I will vote for McCain-Palin in November

The thing that intriques me is that the comparisons here are between the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate and the Democratic Presidential Candidate.  I would be bothered by these comparisons, because it doesn’t seem natural.  However, since the Democratic Candidates started the conversation, we are simply rebutting.  So strange comparison is simply a response to the questions asked by the opponent.

Overall, I was very impressed by last night.  I am not sure that McCain can offer up as good a speech tonight.  But I would gather he will do good enough to keep the momentum going, and win this election.