President Eyring in the General Session

I don’t think that my kids have ever been that well behaved in a session of Stake Conference.  Don’t get me wrong.  Things weren’t perfect, and we had a rough spot near the beginning, but overall (especially near the end), I was amazed at how well they behaved.

The talks again were wonderful.  Even those talks that were given by the young man and young woman were inspired.  Perhaps it was the spirit that President Eyring brought with him to the meeting.  Regardless, this was perhaps the best General Session of Stake Conference I can ever remember attending.

For his last talk to us, President Eyring discussed prayer.  He shared the important message of remembering that the Lord helps those who help themselves.

He shared a story about when he was a young boy his adult teeth had grown in crooked.  And as kids are often likely to do, he was teased by his peers for it.  So, he offered a prayer of faith for God to turn his teeth so that they wouldn’t be crooked.

He knew that when he woke up in the morning that his teeth were going to be straight.  His faith was so strong that when he woke up he didn’t dare feel to see if they had turned for fear that it would show lack of faith.  Instead he got up with a smile knowing that his teeth were fixed.

Until he saw his reflection in the mirror.  They were still crooked.  After more thought and prayer on the matter, he realized that the Lord had provided him with the tools to straighten his teeth.  So after several years when his body was old enough he had them fixed by an orthodontist.

Thus, we see an example of how the Lord blessed him as a young man.  He didn’t need his teeth miraculously healed by the Lord overnight.  Rather he needed to know that the Lord cared for him.

It was a great session.  I feel very privileged to have had this chance to sit and learn at the hand of a prophet of God.  I thank the Lord for providing me this opportunity.

My testimony has been strengthened this weekend.  I know more assuredly, that President Monson is a prophet of God and that he leads Christ Church this day.  I know more fully that Jesus is the Christ, and that he atoned for our sins.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

President Henry B. Eyring at Stake Conference

It is an extremely rare opportunity for a member of the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to visit a Stake Conference. In fact, President Henry B. Eyring told us in this meeting that as a general rule the First Presidency doesn’t visit Stake Conferences. However, he felt inspired to visit one before he spoke in General Conference in October. So, he received a list of three Stakes and we were blessed to have him be directed to our Conference this weekend.

Originally, I was planning on giving a complete run down of the things that I learned today. However, after the conference I feel that it would be more appropriate to share just a couple of quotes, and then my thoughts and impressions.

The first meeting was the Priesthood Leadership Meeting. As our church is guided by a lay-clergy, we need training and instruction in our duties. This meeting is a time for us to receive such guidance and council.

In this meeting President Eyring shared with us what he learned in this meeting today. He reminded us that everyone has the Spirit of Christ in them. They know that wickedness never was happiness. The world may have obscured the truth, but they still know it. Then he counseled us to that we should share the truth with these individuals because they don’t know where to find it.

After a short rest to come home and enjoy dinner with the family, we concluded the evening with the adult session of Stake Conference. In this meeting all adult members of the Stake are invited to learn. This is perhaps the part of conference I enjoy the most because I get to sit with my wife, and I can learn without the distraction of my children.

Here President Eyring talked about preparing to enter the Temple. His focus was on both our own re-entering the temple as well as preparing our children to one day enter the temple. The quote (as best as I could write it down) that I wish to share with you is this.

“One thing I could prepare my children to feel before they make temple covenants, It would be to love making commitments to God and keeping them.” (Emphasis mine)

This was and interesting statement. Am I preparing my children to attend the temple by preparing them to love making and keeping commitments to God? Do I love making and keeping commitments to God?  I think that I do, but I don’t know that I am a good example to my children in that aspect.

The other talks were great.  I was greatly moved by the talks give in the Preisthood Leaderhip meeting. I am more motivated in my efforts to work as a missionary because of the talks given by a recently returned missionary and a Ward Mission Leader.  They really were great talks and the Spirit was strong.

Before I end I must comment on how strong the Spirit was in the chapel as I listened to everyone.  It truly testified to me of the divine calling the President Eyring holds.  He is a servant of God, and we are blessed in our day to be directed today under him.  I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.