Convention Thoughts: McCain

Well, like Sarah Palin, I thought that McCain’s speech started out fairly slow.  It just didn’t seem to have much going for it.  ABC’s pundits agreed with me.  they said that it was like two different speeches.

Because when he was done talking about his service for our country, he started to get into it.  He hit hard on many issues.  Talking about issues the way that I want him to.  Tough on immigration, open on energy, and limiting the control of government.

However, to be honest with you, looking at McCain’s past, I find it hard to believe.  Palin as his righ-hand woman makes me want to believe him.  However, I am afraid, that this is just talk.

I believe that he is a Maverick.  I believe that he is going to take on the “good old boys” in the Republican Party.  But I am not sure that he will fight in the direction that I want him to.

Right now, I am still leaning McCain.  I will probably still vote for him in November.  But he has two month to prove himself.

I appreciated that McCain’s speech was less Obama focused than the others that I heard.  It shows that he isn’t focused as much of fighting Obama, but about winning the race.  This really speaks volumes about the character the Fred Thompson showed us he had.

I will be watching these next couple of months, and I will be making and informed vote.  Whether it is for McCain or for someone else.  We know that it won’t be for Obama.

Convention Thoughts: Palin Power

Yesterday’s speeches were a lot better than the previous day’s speeches.  Rudy Giulianni and Sarah Palin really brought it home to the Democrats.  I will be honest that to a certain extent I felt like they were attacking too much.  But everything they said was true.

Rudy hit home on many important points, and his speech was as good as Fred Thompson’s speech yesterday.  I was rather impressed.  He liken Sarah Palin to himself.  Both of them haven’t served as mayors.  This probably brought a few Giuliani votes over to the McCain-Palin ticket.

The house stopper though was the “keynote” speaker, Sarah Palin.  As she walked out on the stage.  I thought to myself, she better not freak out.  I know that I would.  The applause was deafening.  And I could see in her eyes that she was truly humbled by it.  I think that I almost saw a tear, but she controlled it.

As she started speaking, I thought that she wasn’t doing very well.  She spoke well, she got her message across well.  But there wasn’t much power or focus in her discussion.

However, as she progressed, she hit more home runs than Alex Rodriguez does in an entire season.  Trenton over at the Conservative Front as a great collection of some of her great quotes.  So, I won’t repeat them here.  But she sold me.  I am about 95% sure that I will vote for McCain-Palin in November

The thing that intriques me is that the comparisons here are between the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate and the Democratic Presidential Candidate.  I would be bothered by these comparisons, because it doesn’t seem natural.  However, since the Democratic Candidates started the conversation, we are simply rebutting.  So strange comparison is simply a response to the questions asked by the opponent.

Overall, I was very impressed by last night.  I am not sure that McCain can offer up as good a speech tonight.  But I would gather he will do good enough to keep the momentum going, and win this election.

Convention Thoughts: Fred and Joe

Okay, I have to admit, I didn’t watch any of the Democratic National Convention.  I just didn’t think that I could palate any of the rhetoric they are famous for.  Actually, I was pretty immersed in watching several DVDs that I had on my list to watch.

But for some strange reason, I find myself with no DVDs and extra time to watch the Repbulican National Convention.  So, last night I listened th President Bush, Fred Thompson, and Joe Lieberman.

President Bush was mediocre.  He really isn’t a great speaker.  And I can’t remember much about what he said.  I actually remember more from Laura Bushes interview on NBC that I do from President Bush’s speech.

However, the real heart of last night’s speeches were the talks by Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman.  If it were a competition for best speech my award would be given to Fred Thompson.  He very respectfully told the story of John McCain’s service to our country and set up his character.

The best line from Thompson talk, and for the whole televised evening was this: “Now, being a POW certainly doesn’t qualify anyone to be president, but it does reveal character. My friends — (cheers, applause) — this is the kind of character that civilizations from the beginning of our history have sought in their leaders — (cheers, applause) — strength, courage, humility, wisdom, duty, honor.”

While I am somewhat bothered by what appears to be the over emphasis on McCain’s POW experience, Thompson set it up in a way of reverence and respect, that I couldn’t help but open up and try and understand who McCain is.  While I couldn’t help but look at Thompson and wish that he were the nominee because of his eloquence and his political ideals, he sold the McCain bill very well.

Lieberman was a great follow up.  He talked about how the best vote isn’t down party lines, but for what is right for America.  This poses a great question, and something that we need to ask ourselves every election.  I wonder what we would say if it were the other side saying it about our nominee.

I don’t agree with a lot of the political views of Lieberman, but I enjoyed his speech very much.  He didn’t do a great job at convincing me that McCain is my president, but I feel that he might have done a good job for the independent voter who hasn’t made up her mind.

Overall, it was a good night.  I am glad that I had the time to watch it.  I am excited to here Sarah Palin’s talk tonight.  I have seen her speak when she was selected as McCain running mate, and I was very impressed.  I suspect that she will do likewise today.