Virtual Tours of LDS Temples

Wow!  So yesturday I was just clicking around Google, and I found this program of called SketchUp, which is used to make 3D images.  Google offers it for free (and they have pay version) in the hopes that people will make images of their favorite places.  I think that Google hopes to offer a 3D image of the world through Google Earth.

Because I was bored, I figured that I would try to learn SketchUp by making a mock-up of the Salt Lake Temple.  I have a fairly nice model  started, and I am having fun learning it.  But in the process, I realized that several temples (including many of the Salt Lake Temple) have already been done.

So, if you want to have a virtual tour of the exteriors of LDS Temples, then check out the 3D Warehouse of LDS Temples (you will need either Google Earth or SketchUp or both to view them).  I particularly like the models by titotello.