Bob Lonsberry to Endorse Jason Chaffetz

After yesterday’s post, I don’t know if I should be eating crow or claiming bragging rights on this. But Bob Lonsberry on Monday will be making an official endorsement of Jason Chaffetz on Monday through his web site and I am sure even on the Radio.

This has renewed my faith in Bob. I am not sure what brought about the change. But his article might give some clues:

Jason Chaffetz is a Ronald Reagan conservative. Chris Cannon is a George W. Bush conservative.

And that distinction is the difference which has divided and diffused the Republican Party and the conservative movement. A brief season of power corrupted the Republican Party and has now cost it both its influence and its soul.

Chris Cannon is part of the regime that failed.

And while he could easily serve out the rest of his life in Congress, and do useful work on a variety of issues, he would do so as just one more of the Washington compromisers. His infatuation with the process of governing has drowned out his commitment to cause.

It’s not that he lacks the courage of his convictions, it’s that he has grown unsure of his convictions. That suits him very well to fit in in Washington, where he is indistinguishable from the big-name Republicans who have endorsed him, but it leaves him oddly out of sync with patriotic and passionate work-a-day Americans in his district.

Chris Cannon is a Doug Wright Republican. Jason Chaffetz is an Ezra Taft Benson Republican.

Chris Cannon is a good man.

But Jason Chaffetz is the better choice.

As the Republican Party prepares for a season in the wilderness, Jason Chaffetz is a voice to cry in the wilderness. He is the man to stand in the well of the House, even if he’s only speaking to a C-SPAN camera, and preach the truth.

As much as I want to produce more of this. I really don’t have permission to print this much. I just use it to show that Bob has finally seen things the way that I do. While Chris Cannon is a good man. While he has served us well for the past 12 years. It is time that we get right of the Bush Republicans and return to the Reagan Republicans of yesterday.

This is awesome news for me. I hope that this is enough to get those fence sitters to realize like Bob and I do that this is about returning the party and this country back to what made us so great.

So, what made Bob change his mind. I honestly don’t know. I am inclined to believe that after interviewing both Jason Chaffetz and Chris Cannon yesterday (MP3), that Bob realized that principle mattered more than anything else.

My wife insists that it was because Bob read my post yesterday and I swayed him. I am inclined to denounce this assertion, but my stat counter makes it seem plausible.

Num City Region Country Name

20 Salt Lake City Utah United States United States

8 Mapleton Utah United States United States

7 Orem Utah United States United States

6 Orangeville Utah United States United States

5 Rochester New York United States United States

Bob Lonsberry lives in Rochester, New York. So, these could very will be his visits to my site. Or more likely, it is a visit from one of his fans in New York. But it does cause me to wonder a bit.

What ever the reason, this is good news to me. I can listen to Bob now without feeling that he has compromised himself. Something, up until this week, I didn’t think that Bob would ever do.

Further, I am glad that the man I support for Congress has the support of one of the men I like to listen to on a regular basis (or as Bob likes to call us “friends”). I look forward to Tuesday’s vote. Because I believe that Chaffetz can win this.

Bob Lonsberry Sells Out to Chris Cannon

I am a huge Bob Lonsberry fan. I have listened to him since his first time on the air here in Utah. I remember when I first heard him, I thought that he was some 70-year-old retired guy that 570am was giving a shot.

Bob won me over when he started talking about the LDS church in a positive way. For as long as I can remember I never understood why Utah television and radio seemed to want to alienate 70% of its audience. And Bob finally opened up to this audience, and I felt welcomed.

I own one of Bob’s books, and I really want to get copies of the others. But I want them autographed like the first one. So, I haven’t been able to get to a book signing where I can buy them and get them signed at the same time.

However, I am deeply concerned with a stance that Bob has taken lately.

Bob has stated that he is supporting Chris Cannon. I almost lost my mind. I can’t believe that Bob has that short of a memory. I can’t believe that Bob feels that Cannon represent Utah (or more specifically the Third District).

But I believe that I know why Bob has sold out. Unfortunately, I don’t have any written proof, but I have audio. So, please forgive me for linking to a large MP3 file. But it’s the only thing I have.

About a week ago, Bob Lonsberry did and interview with none other than Joe Cannon, editor of the Deseret News and brother to Chris Cannon. Listen to the MP3 for a good interview. But the kicker is within the last few mintues of the MP3. At roughly 22:00 minutes into the Interview Bob mentions that KNRS and Bob Lonsberry are working on some sort of “relationship” with (a branch of the Deseret News).

Since this interview and even before, I have noticed a lot of “kissy face” (to use Bob’s words) towards the Cannon family. Bob has always been a little standoff towards Jason Chaffetz. I think part of it is that Jason really doesn’t do well on the radio. I don’t know why, but I have never been really impress with Jason’s interviews on the radio.

At first I suspected that Bob was turned off from Chaffetz inarticulate nature on the radio. However, I now have a new insight. Why would Joe Cannon finally be working with Bob Lonsberry. I know from listening to Bob for almost 10 years now that Bob has always wanted to write for the Deseret News. And now during this political season Joe Cannon shows interest in Bob.

Bob you are being played. And as hard as it is for me to believe, you are falling for it. Wake up and get out of bed with the Cannon’s. Not that they are bad people. Just understand that Chris Cannon has done a lot to get air time this past year. Something that he wasn’t interested in over a year ago.

It is frustrating to me. I like Bob Lonsberry. But part of the reason, that I like him is that I always felt like he was sincere. This is the first time that I can’t see the sincerity. I am just at a loss for understanding on this. Because the only reason I can see for Bob to support Cannon is that he is playing “kissy face.”

Is the Race between Chaffetz and Cannon Really Tight?

Okay we all know that the Deseret News’ cheif editor is Chris Cannon’s Brother, Joe Cannon. And we are all confident that Mr. Cannon would never let his paper show bias towards any candidate, right? (wink, wink, nod, nod).

However, their recent news article on polling shows that bias again in two ways. As with all polling done by Dan Jones and associates, their polling numbers are outrageously low.

For this politcal survey Dan Jones managed to poll a whopping total of 203 potential voters. To see this total look at this lovely graphic and read the parenthetical phrase at the bottom. It is interesting that nowhere in the article do they mention the 203 number.

I will give them credit for sharing the +/- 7 percent with us. But what few people understand is that +/- 7 percent is directly related to the number polled. Had they polled another 200 or even 800 individuals the could have had a +/- 5 percent or +/- 3 percent, respectively.

Sure if the results would have remained 39-37 (for Cannon), then it would have still been too close to call. However, we won’t know because the polling was incomplete.

The second issue is that they polled independent voters and said that would be the key to Chaffetz winning the race. While the numbers here are still suspect. That isn’t the key problem for me. The problem I have is that they fail (complete neglect) to mention that Utah has closed primaries. This is something the Mr. Bernick is aware of, because he wrote a piece about this 2 years ago. Ooops. This point is mute moot. I completely missed it in the article. But I am still suspicious about the stats.

If you are an Independent voter, you need to register as a Republican. Why would Bernick and his editor not mention that in their article? Perhaps, they don’t want the independent voter to register to vote. Perhaps, They would like to keep the status quo.

If you are an independent and you want to see Chris Cannon out, don’t wait for the general election. It is very likely that our next Congressman will be decided on June 24th and not in November. Register yourself to as a Republican, even if you feel like you have hold your nose while you do so.

If you are an independent and you want to see Jason Chaffetz win, then now is the time to act. Go to your county clerk’s office or website and register as a Republican. It is the number one way that you can show your support for Mr. Chaffetz.

To me this is just another blatant example of poor politcal reporting by the Deseret News and another example of the main stream media trying to influence the vote. Don’t let their lack of reporting this properly influence you and your decision.

Here is a list of counties in the Third District and how to register (or renew your registration as a Republican):

Salt Lake County Voter Registration

Utah County Voter Registration Q & A (form – pdf)

Juab County Clerk’s Office (email)

Sanpete County Clerk’s Office (scroll down for voter information and this form – pdf)

Millard County Clerk’s Office (Just use the same form as the other counties)

Sevier County Voter Registration Information (form – pdf)

Beaver County Clerk’s Office (form -pdf)

Chaffetz and Cannon Discuss the Race on KSL

Posted without comment from me, but please feel free to discuss.

Is Jason Chaffetz a Political Opportunist?

In my previous post, I mentioned some of the big criticisms of Jason Chaffetz, but I failed to mention one. Thanks to the several comments on the previous post that helped remind me that I should address this issue more fully.

When I first heard that Chaffetz did not live in the Third District, I was very concerned about voting for him. This was still prior to my having made a final decision on who I was voting for, and it really could have put me over the edge.

However, As I started to think about it, I realized that my concern was based on faulty logic. This shouldn’t be a concern because constitutionally, it doesn’t matter what district he lives in. He just needs to live in the state. So, he is not doing something that is illegal or unethical. He is just doing something that isn’t common and perhaps not even well recieved.

Those who dislike Chaffetz run, perhaps because of where he lives, have accused Chaffetz of being a political opportunist. However, this doesn’t add up to me.

First, what does it mean to be a political opportunist? An opportunist is someone who takes advantage of an opportunity that arises. So, when you buy a milkshake at the local drive and dine because it is 50 cents off, then you are an opportunist. The phrase political opportunist doesn’t make much sense to me. Cannon is a political opportunist because he is running again and because he is more likely to get reelected as the incumbent. Leavitt is also an opportunist because he is running after the varied experiences he had as a lawyer, believe he is the best candidate.

Okay, I understand that such accusations are based on the fact that Chaffetz lives in the Second District and not the Third. And they feel he is doing this because it is better for him. If you look at the changes in the districts over the years, you will see that Apline was once in the Third District. And odds are that it will again one day be there, especially, if we get a fourth seat.

A second question that must be asked is, whether it is more advantageous for a Republican to run in the Third District over the Second? Sure Jim Matheson has a good hold of the Second District and many of his constituents like him. However, he could be beat by the right man. Chaffetz could very well have been that man. But Chaffetz doesn’t see the second district as his home. He wants to represent the part of Utah that he feels a part of.

Also, would it be easier to the be one of two republican candidates in the Second District or the little man in the race of three for the Third District. Opportunism implies that you are taking the easy road, and it appears to me that fighting two other viable candidates would be harder than fighting just one in the Second. I don’t see the opportunism in fighting for the Third District here. I simply see Chaffetz as one whose heart is in the Western half of Utah and so that is who he wants to represent.

It’s pretty cut and dry for me. Chaffetz is the more politically conservative candidate. He speaks to me when I hear him. I hear what I want to hear from Leavitt, just as I do from Cannon, but I can’t see it in them. They don’t seem to have a grasp of the details. Chaffetz sees the big picture and filters things through the same conservative lens. It doesn’t matter where he live, he holds to my principles, and he is the right choice.

Who Should Replace Chris Cannon?

I have been meaning to write about my experiences over the past few weeks as a State Delegate for the Republican Party. But I just can seem to get my self to write lately. It just hasn’t been as fun.

But I would really like get my opinion out on the Internet before I cast my vote. So here it goes.

My first experience with the candidates was with Dave Leavitt. I was really impressed with what he had to say. He sounded like a principled conservative, and I was sure that he thought about things like me. I honestly walked out feeling rather overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure that this was going to be a very easy decision.

The things that impressed me about Leavitt was his approach to politics. He seemed very introspective and well thought out. He is a big reader of both moderate-to-liberal news and conservative news. Further, He seemed to be his own man. His thought are his and he will act according to his principles.

I was unimpressed by Leavitt’s riding on the coat tails of Tom Green. Frankly, for as often as Leavitt mentioned Tom Green during our meetings, I wasn’t sure if Green or Leavitt was the candidate for office. I also don’t like his slogan. What does “Restoring America’s Promise” mean? I could write several posts on what those words might or might not mean. And I would still have no conclusion.

My next canidate visit was about a week later with Jason Chaffetz. And I honestly went into this meeting with my guards up. As I have indicated before, I was leaning towards Chaffetz. However, after having met with Leavitt, my leaning was tilted in another direction. So, I wanted to make Chaffetz convince me.

He did.

Simply put, I was sold when he mention that he was debt free. That spoke volumes to me to know that in his personal life he was living what he proposed to do in Washington. Further, he claims to have run his campaign in the black too. This type of discipline is what we need in Washington.

I was also impressed with his campaign materials. Every mailer, letter and web article from Chaffetz is about an issue. Jason knows where he stands on the issues, and he isn’t afraid to say it. He wants those who are voting for him to know what he stands for. I could spend time talking about each issue he has addressed, but you can look over his website and read for yourself where Jason stands. I find that I am in agreement with a large percentage of what Chaffetz says.

I had several concerns about the Chaffetz when I first met him. He seemed to act like he was the morally better candidate. There was an air of we aren’t spending a lot of money, so we are better. We aren’t polling to form our opinion based on yours, so we are better. This moral high grown approach comes off as a little abrasive. However, as I thought about this, these are either non-issues to me, or Chaffetz approach is the same as mine. So, I had to put that aside as I considered him as a candidate.

The next big thing that bothered me was that Chaffetz has a tendency to go negative. He is almost too quick to let you know how he disagrees Cannon or Leavitt. This is probably the number one issue that most delegates have with Chaffetz. However, it does show us a couple of important things.

First, we see that Chaffetz is aware of his competition. He doesn’t ignore them like they aren’t there. Nor does he treat them like the fly that buzzes around you, and swat at them occasionally. He takes the fight head on. Jason appears to be the same way with the issues. He studies it. He gets to know it inside and out, and then he will attacks or supports it based on the his guiding principles.

Second, and this is closely tied to the first, Chaffetz will take this same passion to Capitol Hill. As a general rule, we as Utahns don’t like like aggressive candidates. However, if you think about it, we need an aggressive representative in Washington. New York will pick an aggressive candidate, so will California and many other stats. The Third District needs a fighter, so let’s vote one in.

Some have argued Chaffetz’s aggressive nature will alienate him on Capitol Hill. However, I believe that this will have just the opposite effect. People will see a real leader in Chaffetz. They will want to put him into positions of power because he is willing to fight, even when it is up hill all the way.

For me, Chaffetz is the best candidate, and he has my vote on Saturday.

In the interest of full disclosure, I want to state that I have been working on the Chaffetz campaign for the past few weeks. The campaign has even requested that I write a post about Chaffetz. I hope that Chaffetz comes out on top of this race. And I look forward to the results on Saturday. However, I would never write something that wasn’t my opinion. I hope that this gives those who are still undecided a little push toward Chaffetz, because he is the true conservative in the race.