My Early Voting Experience

I voted today. And it seemed to go really well. There were two main things I like about early voting.

The first, and perhaps the most obscure to some readers, is that I got to show my ID. Yep, photo ID is required to vote in you early vote. I with that it was required to vote any time. So, it was my great honor to show my ugly driver’s license photo to the friendly poll workers.

The second thing I liked about early voting was that the lines were short. The prediction is that this is going to be one of the biggest turn out for voting in recent history. So, the polling places are going too be packed. I was in an out of my polling place in just under 30 minutes.

There are also some other incidental nice things about early voting. The people in line seemed in a better mood. Perhaps, it’s because they got to choose when they were there, and not forced into a time frame mandated by others. The volunteers were ver pleasant. Usually, the seemed rushed and unhappy. Today, they were very nice and glad to see me. Perhaps, I just got lucky. It is also nice to know that my vote is cast.

If you are interested, here were my votes:

President: Chuck Baldwin
3rd District Represenative: Jason Chaffetz
Governor: Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Attorney General: Mark Shurtleff
State Treasurer: Richard Ellis
County Mayor: Mike Renkert
County Council: Steve DeBry
County Council: Michael Jensen

State Constitution Amendment A: Yes
State Constitution Amendment B: Yes
State Constitution Amendment C: Yes
State Constitution Amendment D: Yes
State Constitution Amendment E: Yes

Proposition #1: No
Proposition #2: No

Anyway, I encourage you to get out and vote early. I would guess that the lines are going to get longer day by day. So, get out soon, for your own sanity.