I Don’t Fit the Mold

Maybe it’s because I am from Utah, but I don’t fit the statistic the Michael Medved quotes in his recent column on TV and Liberalism. I openly admit that I am a TV addict. I love TV and if I watch at least an hour everyday. Okay, I don’t get the 4 hours a day like the truly die hard viewers in the study, but I do watch a lot.

Medved also comments that the research is inconclusive as to the cause of the correlation between television and liberalism. It is not known whether TV makes one more liberal or wither liberal ideas cause TV addiction. I would have to vote for that latter.

As I have gotten older, I have become more conservative in my political, fiscal, and social views. Through out this, I have watched a lot of TV. However, as my views become more and more conservative, I find television less and less entertaining.

I am even thinking about just giving up on the TV and turning to books. There are so many great things to read out there; why am I wasting my time of TV. I tell myself that it is because I can put TV down for a few minutes to hug a crying child, or put away a few dishes, or some other quick family task. But with a book, I feel like I have to dedicate 100% of my attention. If you know anything about how I read, then you know that this is true. I am a very slow contemplative reader. Unless, I am not interested, then I just skim it and forget everything that I read.

Anyway, I still love TV and I am still a conservative. However, I feel that my conservative principles are influencing me further and further away from the TV.

Mediacenter – ABC4.com

Despite my previous criticism of ABC4, they have put together a moving tribute to the men and women from Utah who gave their live since Sept. 11, 2001. I invite you to watch as you finish off your memorial day.

Thanks to all the men and women who put their life down for our country, and to those who are currenlty putting or have put their life on the line so that I can be free.

ABC4 Was Irresponsible in EMO Report

Last night ABC4 presented a very interesting piece on another teen phenomenon that is harmful to the teens.  While teens are known to participate in risky behavior some of it is just too risky to let slide.

I don’t want to bore you with rehashing the story, because while it is important, it isn’t my point.  However, before you read on, please watch their online video (warning there are several images that might not be for the faint of heart).

Sure some of the images were disturbing, and the thought of this new counter culture is bothersome, but what really bothered me was ABC4’s handling of the teen age boy who was cutting himself.

ABC4 should not have shown the boys identity.  They should have blurred out his face and changed his voice.  This is very destructive behavior, and by showing the boys face, they took advantage of an underage youth to try and report a story.

But beyond that, they should have also worked with the boys parents to get the boy into some therapy.  Near the end of the piece they say that if any one knows of a kid who is cutting themselves, they should get them into therapy.  However, it does not appear that ABC4 followed their own council.  That is truly shameful.  They should have set an example.

At the end they mentioned that the boy has recently run away from home.  I can’t help but wonder if ABC4’s airing of the boy’s identity wasn’t a part of the reason that he ran away.  I am not blaming ABC4, but I sure can’t help but make the connection.

ABC4 was wrong.  They should apologize for their irresponsible reporting and make amends to the boy and his family.  I have written ABC4, and I would encourage you to do the same.

2 for 2

Okay, this is not about the recent Jazz wins. Sorry Jazz Fans, but I am not a big follower of Sports, except for baseball.

Instead I just wanted to brag a bit. Well, I don’t know if this is something to be proud of, because some times those who write Letters to the Editors can be a little loopy. However, I have written only two Letters to the Deseret News (or any other newspaper). Of those two letter, exactly two have been published.

The main reason that I mention this is because I considered writing here about the Deseret News’ recent opinion on television viewing, but I just didn’t want to write that day. So instead I made a quick comment to the Deseret News.

Now I get to make the point here where one person will read it, and it got read by about three more people via the Deseret News. I am just tired of the people who keep commenting that it is anything other than decency as to why people are turning of the television. It’s amazing how many people I talk to who don’t watch TV because they are sick of the indecency. And they aren’t all Mormons.

Finally, if you are curious about how much they “editorialize” my comments, here is the original letter I sent:

I agree with the Deseret News’ opinion that “television needs a tuneup” ( May 10). However, I don’t agree with your explanation as to why people are tuning out. People are turning off the television because it is too offensive. There is too much sex, violence, and foul language on TV. People are getting sick of bringing this junk into their homes.

Apparently, they don’t like to be called the Deseret News anymore…

Finally, the other Letter to the Editor that I had published was about the over glorification of Mark Hacking in the media.  I was tired of hearing how wonderful a murderer was.  He killed someone, why must the media deify him. Unfortunately, it is still happening, need I point out the media love for Cho and Talovic.

Choice = Better Television

I often find myself disagreeing with Scott Pierce, the television columnist at the Deseret News. However, I find his articles usually quite enjoyable to read. However, he is wrong in his latest column.

While, I don’t agree with the Parents Television Council‘s effort for more government control of television. I do agree that Cable Television should provide an a-la-carte menu. I don’t think that it should be government mandated, I just wish that private industry would provide an a-la-carte cable option without force.

Peirce argues that by creating an a-la-carte style cable system then many of our favorite cable networks would disappear. His claim is that many of these cable stations make money from subscriptions. This is a complete lie. Most subscription services (magazines, newspapers, and even cable networks) make their money from advertising. Subscriptions are simply used to prove that the people view the ads are actually paying customers and not people looking for a free ride.

Of the 38 networks that Peirce lists, there are only a few that are free of advertisements. The rest rely on ads to pay the bills. They are also able to charge a premium ad rate because they can say that their viewers have a specific interest. DIY and TLC can charge more for home improvement ads, and Oxygen can charge more for ads targeted to women.

If people chose their favorite 20 channels, then the premium they could charge for ads would go up. I am sure that this increase would more than make up for lose due to subscription reductions.

Further, If you accept Peirce’s premise that bulk rates are the only way for some of your favorite stations to survive, then I have one question. Why should my money go to support something I don’t watch? If it couldn’t survive without my minute contribution, then why should it survive.

Some might argue that if the a-la-carte style cable system would work, then why aren’t they offering it. The simple answer is because people are willing to pay for bulk packages. It is cheaper to eat at a buffet and not at a cafeteria. However, there are many people who will go to a good steak house rather than get a tough slice of second rate beef from a buffet.

I don’t subscribe to cable. I don’t see that it is worth my money. However, if I could buy just a few extra channels, then I might consider paying more per channel just to get the best of what is available.

Digital TV and the Hive

A couple of month back, my TV went on the fritz. We weren’t really in a situation to be running out and buying a TV, but as many of you know, it is sort of like my life line.

So, not really being able to afford a TV what do you think would I do. Yep, that’s right, I bought an HDTV. Okay. That is not technically correct. It is an ATSC TV. Basically, it is a television, that can receive both analog signals, and digital signals, and it can display HD programming.

When I bought it I was hopeful that this TV would come with more channels (I don’t subscribe to cable), and that my quality would be great. I got exactly what I was hoping for and more.

First, the quality of the picture is great. When I first got the TV, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I seriously kept looking at the TV wondering if the actors were going to come out of the screen. It was just awesome. I have to admit, that I am not impress with the audio, but that may be a function of the design of the room.

However, what I am really impressed with is the additional channels that I am able to tune into. I now receive almost twice as many channels in my home (and again, I don’t subscribe to cable). I now can watch an all weather channel, produce by KSL. I receive 2 more PBS channels, which have some great programming at times. And I receive a couple extra channels from BYU Broadcasting and Ion Digital Network.

I love the BYU-TV that is broadcast. If you have cable, then you are aware that BYU-TV is an LDS themed channel that has excellent LDS content from talks given by leaders of the church, to church produced videos on faith, history, and family. This is an excellent channel to turn to, if there is “nothing on TV.” But often, it is a great channel despite what else there is to grab your interest.

However, the main reason that sparks this post is the Hive TV. I guess this channel is also available on some cable networks so some of you may have watched this channel. Well, I love the Hive. Usually, I don’t turn on the TV unless I know what I want to watch, but when I turn it on just to fill time, I always check out the hive.

The Hive is locally produced television and movies done by I would guess amateurs. They range from talk show formats, to comedies, to musicals, to religious programming.

Not everything you see on the Hive is quality, most of it you understand why it isn’t on regular TV or in movie theaters, but there is a lot on this channel that is just fun to watch. Two of my favorite programs from the Hive are movies.

The first movie I saw on the Hive was “I Hate Death,” which is a local production by some company that I think is named the Salt Lake Movie Company. Without ruining the show, it is about a 20 something guy who gets hit by a car and is lead through the death process. The acting is good, the production is good, and the story line and comedy is excellent.

Just tonight I finally caught the entire movie called “Open House.” I don’t know who produced it, but it might be the same Salt Lake Movie Company. This is a horror flick about a man who buys a million dollar home after a divorce, and his wife is sewing him to get her share of the money he hid from her to buy the house. Again I won’t ruin the show, but it has an excellent ending.

Anyway, I am completely happy with my digital television, and if you don’t have a digital receiver, I would highly recommend you consider purchasing one.


Well, I have done it.  If you remember, I spent the whole month of may giving my thoughts and opinions on television and the programming.  Well, that lead me to think that I might enjoy writing a blog dedicated to television.  So, I finally put one together.  Actually, I have been working on it for most of the summer.

So, I would like to invite you to come on over to TeleValues and especially tell a freind.  To be completely honest. I want this site to be a money maker.  I don’t expect to get rich off of it.  However, I would like it to get its own domain and keep itself alive.  And I guess in the greand scheme of things it would be nice if it could become my only job.  But that is a pie in the sky dream.

Anyway, please check it out.  Please comment.  And Please tell a freind (or better yet write about it on your blog).